Evernote – Utilizing The Power Of Recycling In Webdesign

Voici un article  Truth be told, I am a philistine. When people talk about recycling, I don’t think of saving the planet.

In my earlier post, “Lessons Learned: Productivity Tips For Running A Web Design Business,” I wrote about how we can reuse and recycle what we do in the Web industry to save time and money.

Now let’s explore the subject further. We will look at how we can recycle existing work (done by ourselves or others) in order to be more efficient. By doing so, we can finish projects more quickly and generate a better profit margin. The great thing about recycling is that we can all do it, whether we are a developer, designer or website owner. Let’s begin our journey with the masters of recycling: developers.

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[…] spend too much time obsessing over our inspirational libraries. Eventually, we need to stop thinking about our designs and just start producing them.
I find Evernote an excellent tool for collecting bits of inspiration.
Speaking of clients who reject designs, there is also an opportunity to recycle the arguments that we […]

Credits: Evernote by Patrick Haney


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