Startup funding – So You Want To Build A Software Product

Startup funding, voici un Most of us take a very simple approach: we stumble on something that doesn’t work well for us or we identify a problem that we have a lot of experience with, and we think, “All right, I’ll just build x for y and make a mint.” The problem is that we don’t have any indicators of whether others feel the same pain and would be inclined to pay for a solution.

This post presents a systematic approach to finding inspiration for a good software product, and to validating that there is an actual need for it in the real world. No product is guaranteed to succeed, yet our goal should be to minimize risk and maximize opportunity by picking the ideas that will most likely succeed.

If you like the idea of being your own boss (I certainly do), chances are you get the itch sometimes to create your own product — a product w […]

Credits: Welcome to Minneapolis’ first CrowdPitch event… by GraemeThickins


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