Restrictions – Freebie: Festive Christmas Icon Pack (20 .EPS Icons)


“Like any design studio, here at offset media, we prefer to create our own festive greeting cards to give to clients. This year I had a very clear vision of the overall look I wanted, a single white festive character on a solid red background.

Knowing the look, but unsure of what character to use, I ended up creating a bunch of icons to choose from. Once we were happy with the card design (choosing the snowman), we had all these unused icons lying about, and being someone who does not likes things going to waste, I decided to share them with others who could possible make use of them!”

 —  George Neocleous (aka GeoNeo) is a full-time designer and illustrator, who works at London-based design studio offset media and blogs (sporadically) at Geoneo’s Blog.

[…] Christmas Icon Set by SoftFacade (2008).
Download the Icon Set for Free!
The pack is completely free to use in personal and commercial projects without any restrictions. Please link to this article if you want to spread the word.

Behind the Design
As always, here are some insights from the designer:

“Like any design […]

Credits: Calorie Restriction ≠ Color Restriction 🙂 by ShironekoEuro


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