Paypal – Free Credit Card Icons For Online-Shops

Paypal Below you’ll find collected icons and designed icon sets related to credit cards. Please notice that some designs may be outdated: for instance, the Visa credit card icon with a blue stripe at the top and the yellow stripe at the bottom isn’t valid any longer.

Free Credit Card Logos & Images presents over 75 credit card logos to choose from — Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover Card, PayPal and the combinations of these logos. You’ll also find further related images — for instance the image which indicates the digit verification number as presented below.

[…] on the country they are supposed to be used in.
Official Credit Card Icons
Below you’ll find credit card graphics which is available on official web-sites of PayPal, MasterCard etc. for free download and usage.
PayPal Online Logo Center presents three types of graphics, among them logos, acceptance marks and badges in […]

Credits: PayPal booth at LeWeb by jeanxtof


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