Cloud – sauvegarde des fichiers en ligne

Cloud Design Ah, the love of a client. That is indeed what we all seek as professionals, is it not? If we lived in a utopia, then that’s all there would be. Openness. Honesty. Passion. Flowing in both directions, client to service provider and vice versa. We want our clients to be right behind us in our ideas and open to new ones. In order for this to happen, there has to be trust.

Clients that deal with large agencies tend to place their trust in the big brand names of these shops. Freelance designers and small agencies do not always inspire the confidence in clients that large shops do, which means that trust has to be built, nurtured and never taken for granted.

[…] fenêtre disponible dans la barre d’outil. (on commence à 10 Go mais il y a un système de parrainage qui m’a permis déjà de gagner 40 Go en plus) (5 Go), il parait qu’on a le droit à 25 Go gratuit. il ne faut donc pas se gêner. 20 (Go) en beta test! cf mon billet […]

Credits: Clouds by mnsc


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